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Dr. Reed       Director

I am a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Arizona. I received my Bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennesse. I received my Master's (M.A.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees from Arizona State University and completed a clinical internship at La Rabida Children's Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.


I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of different urban and rural settings. I have conducted psychotherapy within hospitals, community outpatient mental health centers, and private practices. My work in community outpatient mental health centers has been primarily with underserved populations, which has deepened my understanding of mental illness, stress, and resilience. I completed my clinical internship at a children's hospital on the south side of Chicago, where I worked with youth experiencing mental health issues, chronic illness, and severe trauma. Much of my work took place on the inpatient unit of the hospital, where I provided consultation/liaison services to the medical residents and attending physicians. I developed a strong ability to treat multiple complex issues simultaneously, as many of the patients were experiencing major life stressors, in addition to mental and physical health problems. I have worked with a number of individuals who endured physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect, medical trauma, and neighborhood violence, and these experiences have enabled me to understand the impact of trauma on one's mental and physical functioning.


In private practice settings, I have treated a number of different issues, ranging from family conflict to emotional issues to behavior problems. I have also helped  families enhance their communication skills and thus improve their relationships. In addition, I have led social skills, self-esteem, and stress management groups for high-functioning children and adolescents. Much of my research and clinical training focused on families experiencing separation and divorce. I have studied the impact of parental divorce on child well-being and have led parenting skills groups for divorcing parents. I also have experience with the unique challenges faced by blended families.


Although I do not currently provide this service, I have completed many  psychoeducational evaluations for children and adults seeking accommodations for their learning and mental health issues. I am well-versed at interpreting the results of these evaluations and have helped many of my clients advocate for accommodations within their school and work environments.


Psychotherapy and Counseling

Dr. Loftis

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I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Arizona.  I received an undergraduate honors degree in Psychology from St. Louis University, and received my Masters (M.A.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ APA accredited doctoral program.  I completed my pre-doctoral internship at the University of Arizona College of Medicine (Child and Adolescent Track) where I worked in their Outpatient Psychiatry, Anxiety Disorders, School Age, Testing, and Insomnia Clinics as well as their Early Psychosis Intervention Center (EPICENTER).  I have training and clinical experience in university based specialty anxiety, school refusal, and assessment clinics, as well as a community mental health center and private practice.



I provide individual therapy to youth aged 5 to 17.  I can assist with a variety of problems experienced by youth and their families. My expertise is working with youth who struggle with anxiety, depression, weak social skills, and difficulty adjusting to various life situations. I have specialized experience working with youth with selective mutism and school refusal behavior.  I also work with youth with executive functioning deficits, ADHD, and academic issues. In addition I have considerable experience working with youth demonstrating problematic behaviors such as tantruming, arguing, and rule breaking.  I can help your child or teen learn coping skills and new strategies to help them overcome their current challenges.



My training has provided me with a strong foundation in the biopsychosocial approach and I recognize the importance of considering the multitude of factors that affect a youth’s development and behavior.  As such, I often work with parents to help them support their child and learn more effective ways of interacting with their family members.  I also have worked with teachers, psychiatrists, and other health professionals to help families reach their goals.  Each youth is a unique individual with his or her own pattern of strengths and weaknesses. I work with youth and families to maximize their strengths and work through their weaknesses to help them create positive change and thrive.  I primarily utilize evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and incorporate other techniques based on each child’s individual needs.